Thursday, October 20, 2011

Solar Savings Lease

Solar Connections, LLC is teaming up with solar advocates in the Madison area to offer folks in southern Wisconsin the chance to gain access to the solar market without having to go deep in debt in the first year.  Once this program has established a good track record, we will extend this opportunity to any commercial or residential customer in the state of Wisconsin.

Our goal is to be able to offer you the following:

10% down, sign a Solar Savings Lease, and start saving $$ on your electric bills in YEAR ONE!!!

Who can benefit from this?
Any home or business with space that is free from shading (usually, a roof) and is generally facing South should be able to participate in this program.  We can customize a Solar Savings Lease to meet the needs for the following:

1.  Single-Family Homes
2.  Condominiums
3.  Not-for-Profit Businesses
4.  Commercial Businesses
5.  Churches
6.  Libraries,
or other public spaces

How does this work?
A Solar Savings Lease is like a lease for a car or for other expensive equipment.  Except we can help customize a project and an offer that best meets your power demands AND your budget!

For more information and a private conversation about the benefits of this program, and to answer any questions or concerns you may have, contact Kurt at
or call (608) 957-6801

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Disclaimer:  A portion of the research in 2009 that led to some of the assumptions and components to this program was supported in part by a grant from Wisconsin's Focus on Energy program.  It has been a collaborative project with many experts in the field and with community stakeholders.  Solar Connections, LLC is a consulting firm (of one) whose mission is to implement remedies to the barriers that exist between solar energy technologies and those who could benefit from them.  Community solar has been the main project focus for the past 2 years.  Other areas of investigation are plug-in electric vehicle technology in conjunction with solar technology and time-of-use metering, which when combined, can help bring the cost recovery time down for both technologies.